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James E. Kerr

MAET Personal Learning Portfolio

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 Photo © 2015 Michigan State University Board of Trustees


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My " How" Desktop
TPACK Readings (Lino Reflections)
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It has been over 25 years now since I began my journey as a classroom teacher.  This year, I will be concluding my studies in Educational Technology at Michigan State University. I built this portfolio to share what I have learned in the MAET program, and also how I plan to invest what I have learned in my present and future practice.

My early years were spent on a peach farm near a small town in Northwest Ohio. Much of who I am today, I attribute to early experiences of hard work and rural community life that I shared with my parents and three brothers. 

My parents were lifelong learners, lovers of poetry and great literature, as well as music enthusiasts, political activists, and  of course, MSU football fans. I like to be creative.  Music, poetry, science education, and community service are my passions. In spite of being told on many occasions that I cannot change the world, I am still a believer that one life spent in service to others can change everything.  So, I remain an optimist by nature, and I like to invest my energy and time in others. 

I married my beautiful wife, Joni, ten years ago. We are living in the small town where I grew up. I have taken on the role as President of our Downtown Association, and I am the Moderator for our local Congregational United Church of Christ. I am coaching the high school quiz team, and I conduct a handbell choir and senior choir at a local Lutheran church.  I am a parade float builder and an organizer of  local parades. 

Joni and I enjoy our rose garden, our grey cats, Greer and Goose, cycling, and reading together. I am a competitive swimming fan and former NCAA Division I Swimming and Diving coach, and like my parents,  I am an avid MSU football fan. 

I will continue to be a Physics teacher at a public school until I retire.  I love facilitating the growth of young minds, and to be a part of the future vicariously through their future adventures.

(Click on the image below to view my inspirational quotation and movie: "About Me")
Photo © 2015 Michigan State University Board of Trustees
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