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Networked Learning Planning 

I have always wanted to learn about planting and maintaining a successful rose garden. My long-term goal will be to use the acres of our legacy farm in Owosso to create a space that will be accessible to visitors. Of course, the realization of that vision is a long way off, but I can begin the journey with a first step.

Goal For This Learning Event: I will to learn how to plant and maintain a successful small rose garden in central Michigan

This list of questions suggests just what an exciting adventure lies ahead:


1) What kind of soil will be needed for varieties of roses? 2) What is the appropriate drainage for the site, variety, and location? 3) How much sunlight is recommended of each variety? 4) What is the planting procedure: depth time of year, spacing? 4) How much watering will be needed? 5) What nutrients will the soil require ? 6) What are the recommendations  for pest control, disease, entomology? 7) How are roses Pruned? 8) What are the characteristics of varieties of roses: color, shape, climber, tea roses, old fashioned? 9) What varieties  are appropriate to this climate? 10) Which roses have fragrance? 11) When will the roses bloom: early, late continuous? 12) What is the length of plant life for different varieties? 13) Which varieties are self-pollinating? 14)  Will the roses need winter protection? 15) Can the rose bushes be transplanted? 16) How can rose varieties be grafted hybridized? 18) Will the grafting process require  a greenhouse? 19) Are some roses genetically engineered to be more hearty? 20) How are roses classified? 21) What is the history of roses? 22) What will be the start-up expenses? 21) What tools will I need.  22) Which if these questions are essential to answer to get started, and which ones will be answered later?

Early Sources To Help Me Learn About Planting A Rose Garden:

  1. (MSU Newsletter Sign up and Ask a Gardener). “ MSU extension offers many resources including the  popular Master Gardener Volunteer Program.”

  2. and Perkins Blog

  3. College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Department of Horticulture

  4.  MSU Extension Online Gardening Classes

  5.  Roses Forum (Chat rooms)

  6. My Gardening Network “ How To Plant A Rose Garden 101”

  7. Roses For Beginners

  8. Do It Yourself Roses

  9. Planting A Rose Garden: Martha Stewart

  10. This Old House Slide Shows

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