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Rose Garden Start-up

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

What would you learn if you had the time? I chose to learn how to create a rose garden. In this video you will see some examples of beautiful and hardy roses that can be grown in Zone 5 conditions. Multiple on-line resources were utilized to gain the required information to get started. The Michigan State Extension and the Horticultural Department provided significant online support.( Much more online information is also available at the Jackson and Perkins ( and My Gardening Network ( sites to inform any novice gardener. The availability and access to information using the online resources proved to be an enriching experience. I found abundant resources to successful meet my learning goal; the creation of a beginner's rose garden. Check out the following blog post for a complete list of resources and the scaffolding of my garden planning, ( For this new garden project, I followed steps based on my online research, including preparing the ground, selecting roses, building an elevated garden box, selecting and moving soil to the newly created site, planting roses, and establishing a drip watering system for a new bed. My new garden was placed in a location where maximum sunlight could be attained. The soil for the roses was tested to have a slightly acidic pH. The elevated soil and appropriately spaced planting will provide the start-up rose garden extended health advantages. Knock-out roses are a good choice for a starter garden, affording resistance to disease and summer-long flowering. To view a vision of what a mature rose garden can look like in the Mid Michigan to Southern Michigan Growing Zone, consider a visit to the MSU Rose Garden. The best times to visit are in early June or early Autumn..

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