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For Believers And Dreamers, Final Project MAET Summer 2018

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

For the final project for our MAET summer experience, I was asked to create a product that displays my PQ (passion quotient) and also our CQ (creativity quotient). Anyone who grew up during the sixties will remember the passion for the space race that drew on the imagination of President Kennedy, NASA engineers, and the American people. I have not lost site of that passion. The video below celebrates some of the heights of glory and depth of defeat that have defined our times. In the second portion of the video, I feature my students, who I am hopeful will catch a vision for the future of the "common man" as our quest for the unknown continues beyond our small blue marble. A second passion that I have pursued is music. The background music for this video features a composition by one of my greatest American musical heroes, Aaron Copeland. Enjoy the majesty of "Fanfare For The Common Man" as the images in the video pass by.

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