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Final Revisions: Assessment Design Checklist 3.0

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

The Assessment Design Checklist (ADC) in its final version includes five questions that were designed for universal use in the development of formative assessment. Each question is supported by significant research. The five questions are also supported by examples of evidence of understanding that relate to the assessment. The questions in the final ADC revision have received supportive and critical feedback from peers and the instructor. The iterations of the document have been edited based on this feedback. Due to the supportive feedback, the questions have become more specific. I was challenged to consider how the evolving ADC referenced the next steps in the learning sequence and also how the assessment informed me about my student's learning. I changed some specific words based on the instructor feedback. For example, I replaced the word equal with equitable when referring to student access to the assessment. I was also challenged to consider how my students might respond to an online discussion. Would the discussion be potentially too competitive? I also was encouraged to be consistent in the wording of my assessment to coach students to reference only "reliable sources." Finally, based on feedback, I needed to reflect on what I meant by "articulation" of learning goals: and "applications" of the learning goals. I received the feedback through a variety of creative online applications. These varied feedback venues provided models for my own future choices to share feedback with my students. The final set of five questions for the ADC 3.0 include: 1) Are the assessment Goals specific? (Students must be able to know their destination at the beginning of the assessment); 2) Does the assessment factor in the needs of varied students? (All students must be able to access the assessment); 3) Does the assessment require students to practice self-regulation? (The process of completing assessment should require students to organize, reflect and share data); 4) Is the feedback in this formative assessment timely? (For feedback to be relevant to students, it must be timely); 5) How does the assessment inform my teaching going forward? (The assessment must support the plan for next steps).

For this assessment, the final goals prepare students to conduct primary research. During the preparation for the online discussion, students prepare a list of professionals or researchers in the field of radiation technology. The list is directly connected to the area of study in radiation technology that has caught the interest of the student. This assessment may serve as the base for this year's annual "Forum", a celebration of learning that my students develop and share with parents and the community. One requirement for the public group presentation is primary research, featuring the content of interviews with leaders in the field that the students are investigating. The next steps following this assessment require the designing of questions and preparation for contact. The feedback from the assessment affords the individualized teacher support and guidance required to assist and support students in the next steps.

To view the annotative version of the ADC Checklist 3.0 Select the link below:

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